Amazing to read such a fresh story, interesting jobs.. a double love story (Paz and Josie are super cute), and a wild trajectory for Kesa and Shannon...

Reader Comments about Because I Said So

“I got all the feels when I was devouring this story and I’m pretty sure that you’ll love Kesa and Shannon as much as I do!” – Angel A

“Really good story, well written with virtually no errors, excellent, interesting characters, all very human… I really liked all the characters. They were human, realistically flawed and well-developed.” – Ganta

“Loved the diversity in the story – immigrants, characters of color, ethnic foods, families struggling to get on their feet financially and not coming into the story wealthy and living at the higher rungs of society. Loved it. . ” JCPDX

“I really enjoyed this book – I thought it was really unique! Amazing to read such a fresh story, interesting jobs.. a double love story (Paz and Josie are super cute), and a wild trajectory for Kesa and Shannon…” – Jasmine

“This is a character/relationship driven novel, you will not find a lot of action or adventure here. For this kind of story, you really need well-defined characters, and Ms. Kallmaker has provided exactly that. These characters have depth. There is also a great deal of chemistry, especially between Kesa and Shannon. Their attraction crackles with electricity from their first meeting to the last page. Josie and Paz present as first loves with all the youthful enthusiasm you expect from this age, including the flashes of immaturity young adults sometime display. The characters make this story, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading their tale. If you enjoy a good romance with great characters and a fair bit of angst in the story, then this book is for you.” – Betty

“…There’s a lot to like in this book, but the best is, as often with Kallmaker, both the characters and their jobs. I know it might sound strange, but the way she seems to research her MCs occupation makes their day to day life feel real. It has impressed me since my first Kallmaker book more than 20 years ago, and it still does. Both MCs and the small community of secondary cast are really good (I wish they existed and invited me to dinner, there’s a lot of food in this book and it all sounds yummy), and I loved the Jennifer Lamont cameo.” – Jude S.

“For me the crux of the story was a parallel of two “love at first sight” stories, one between the kids and one between their caregivers. …A genius plot device.” – Karen C

“The fact that Kesa was flying the Filipino flag was pretty cool, but then to delve a little further and speak about Mahjong, pinakbet and lumpia… then the mango float!!! …The secondary characters were a treat too, especially Cami and Auntie Ivy. Made me miss my grandmother… – XR

“Kesa and Shannon are two women who been through a lot in life and I like how the author goes in detail with there jobs. I get why Josie and Paz wanted to get married because life too short why wait when you find someone to love.” – Aleana H.

Because I Said So – Karin Kallmaker

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