Reunited – eBook


by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Viola’s been away for six weeks and Dana doesn’t want to wait until after a party to reunite and reignite their love. Explicit and very romantic new version of a classic from Karin's archives.

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  • words: 2700
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Author’s Notes
  • This new story “Reunited” was preceded in publication by “Reunion.” They share an opening paragraph (with an edit or two) and the premise of long-term lovers stealing away from a party to get reacquainted. From there they diverge in tone, depth and content. Because of the similarities, I believe it’s truth-in-marketing to call “Reunited” a second edition of “Reunion.” However, there is substantially new content and depth and so little of the original remains that I believe most readers will feel it is a new story.

    In musical terms, “Reunited” is a a riff on the same bass line as “Reunion” resulting in a different melody and lyrics. — Karin, June 2018


  • From "Reunited"

    Everyone has had a little too much to drink. The karaoke machine is turned up loud, and the fun began an hour ago with “I Will Survive.”

    “Where’s Viola?” Candace asks as she helps me put the birthday flowers she brought me from her garden into a vase. Roses and lilies—two of my favorites.

    “Her flight is late. She’s taking a cab,” I explain.

    “Looks like she’s missing a great party.” Candace nods in the direction of Arlene, who is belting out R-E-S-P-E-C-T while everyone chimes in for the sock-it-to-mes.

    “Viola will be here soon.” We’d all closed up our classrooms for the summer today. The fact that it was also my birthday meant it was time to party hard. But I had also been hoping it would be a reunion too. Viola has been away on business for six weeks. It started as four weeks, and two had been added along the way. It has been our longest separation to date, and I have hated every minute of it.

    During that time she was able to call home twice and text me once a week. One of those texts had been the news of the two-week extension. I knew she meant the “So very sorry” she put in the text. I do not doubt her love for me. It’s the empty bed I hate.

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