Reunited – eBook


by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Viola’s been away for six weeks and Dana doesn’t want to wait until after a party to reunite and reignite their love. Explicit and very romantic new version of a classic from Karin's archives.

What People are Saying:

  • words: 2700
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Author’s Notes
  • This new story “Reunited” was preceded in publication by “Reunion.” They share an opening paragraph (with an edit or two) and the premise of long-term lovers stealing away from a party to get reacquainted. From there they diverge in tone, depth and content. Because of the similarities, I believe it’s truth-in-marketing to call “Reunited” a second edition of “Reunion.” However, there is substantially new content and depth and so little of the original remains that I believe most readers will feel it is a new story.

    In musical terms, “Reunited” is a a riff on the same bass line as “Reunion” resulting in a different melody and lyrics. — Karin, June 2018


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