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In Every Port by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Jessica has it all. An expensive condo in the city of dreams, San Francisco. A high-powered, prestigious career as a management consultant that takes her all over the country... To passionate Roberta, in Chicago. To delicious Marilyn, in San Antonio. To all those cities and all those willing women Jessica has recorded in her well-used little black book.

    Sex with these women doesn't really mean a thing, Jessica tells herself. It's all just good times. Because she is not really a lesbian. No, of course not. Her sexual adventures are merely keeping her occupied until she decides to settle down ... with a man.

    Then she meets Cat, the alluring young hotel executive who lives across the hall from her new condo. What is Jessica to make of her chaotic feelings, her yearning - and yes, her deepening love - for the sensuous, captivating Cat, who offers entrancing friendship, but nothing more?

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  • words : 53000
  • Excerpt - It's 1978, Meet Jessica Brian
Author's Notes
  • InEveryPort, literallyNearly twenty years after this novel was released, readers gifted me a very special copy of it - one that had been passed hand to hand by servicemembers all over the world. The book had been, literally, in every port. It brightened dark places.

    What can a person even say to that? It's humbling. Simply humbling.

    When I wrote this novel in 1986, too few people knew who Harvey Milk was. That has changed, thankfully. But if you're wondering, I urge you to check out the Oscar-winning documentary The Times of Harvey Milk and the Oscar-winning feature film Milk. This biography is also a useful overview: Harvey Milk (Wikipedia)


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