It was very moving!

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“It’s 1978 and things were hard for the LGBT community, even in liberal San Francisco. At that time much of California was Republican. How times change! Jessica only dates women and travels a lot and keeps her rendezvous outside of SF. She’s not a lesbian, she tells herself, when the times comes she’ll find a man. Jessica is 34 and that time has never comes.

She buys an expensive condo at 16% interest and meets Cat, an apparently straight woman, who loves to use the word “merde* to fool her Dad. It takes a while but Jessica finally discovers two things: she is a lesbian and she loves Cat. She woos Cat and Cat does fall in love with her. The book ends with two tragedies : Jonestown and the assassination of Moscone and Milk by the coward Dan White.

Jessica and Cat find each other during the spontaneous Candlelight March and affirm their eternal love for each other. It was very moving!”

In Every Port – Karin Kallmaker

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In Every Port   

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