Frosting on the Cake mouthwatering

This one's a mouth-watering delight.

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Featured at Women and Words blog “HEA Check-in” by Danielle Zion

“This book allowed me to lick the last few crumbs off my finger. I especially loved the continued story of Wild Things.” – Sherell

“Her characters range from youthful to perimenapausal, butch/femme, caucasian, Afro-American, Japanese, confident, insecure, parents, non-parents, in long-term relationships to just getting started… This one’s a mouth-watering delight.” – Jeanne

“If like myself, you are a long time Kallmaker fan, you will enjoy Frosting on the Cake, an anthology of short stories based on her novels.” – M.J.

“She tells stories that can be read over and over again with characters that linger in your thoughts.” – Customer

“If you’ve read her novels first then you MUST read this which adds a chapter to the end of the novel. As a stand alone it’s fabulous too.” – Robin

“This was yummy. Every story. Definitely spice cake at times, and sweet cake and lots and lots to savor. Best of all, it’s calorie-free!” – A Customer

Frosting on the Cake 1: The Original – Karin Kallmaker

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Frosting on the Cake Volume 1   

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