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MyQmunity Interview with Robert Jaquay

Karin Kallmaker Above Temptation, Events and Appearances

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I had the pleasure of talking my head off for about an hour today. I might have talked less but host Robert Jaquay asked great questions and I was off to the races!

Topics covered include discussion of Above Temptation‘s plot, characters and creative process, my take on lesbian romance and what it means to those of us who read it, the difference between straight women and lesbian readers of romance and how the gay or lesbian romance is subtly subversive if not outright revolutionary.

That’s right, I’m all over the place. So if you’re inclined, kick back and have a listen!

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Leave some love for Robert Jaquay at the site; he’s been doing a great job interviewing women and men writers and giving us all a chance to shine. You’ll find interviews with Michael Thomas Ford, KG MacGregor, CM Harris, Amy Dawson Robertson, Rick R. Reed and Vestal McIntyre. I know Robert plans to continue his weekly chats with writers, so sign up to follow the feed!

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