Glamour photo of red lipstick and red sunglasses of young woman

First Look the Second: My Lady Lipstick (Diana)

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Glamour photo of red lipstick and red sunglasses on young woman

You’ve had the chance to meet the puzzling Paris Ellison, and learn how she meets the dazzling, mysterious Diana. Who is the woman behind the red hair, impossibly green eyes and red, red lips? If only Paris knew what you’re about to learn! This is the rough draft, unedited second chapter of my next lesbian romance: My Lady Lipstick.

My Lady Lipstick – Preview

by Karin Kallmaker

My Lady Lipstick will be available in early 2018. Did you see the excerpt from Chapter One here?

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  3. You are an excellent tease. I’m enthralled. This is going to be a long wait, regardless of the actual time involved.

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