Beyond Tears – What Words Are There?

Karin Kallmaker LIFE + STYLE

Meme, Voting should be easier than buying Guns

As a mother I am shocked, stunned and beyond tears. It is too horrifying – children just learning to read, looking forward to Christmas. It’s evil.

It is time to have a real talk about controlling access to weapons of mass killing. If the right to vote can be restricted by requiring multiple forms of ID and proof of residency, why is it unconstitutional to require the same when someone wants to buy a semi-automatic or automatic weapon, or a kit that turns a simple rifle into a weapon with one purpose: killing as many PEOPLE as possible in the shortest possible time.

Unfortunately, many of the same people who want so desperately to protect the public from nonexistent voting fraud do not want to protect the public from real, pervasive gun violence. Gun rights are for some reason more sacred than voting rights? Voting rights are guaranteed in the main body of the Constitution.

I am an atheist and prayer for me is an act of sending good energy and goodwill, compassion and mercy, all I can spare to the families and staff, just as I did for those in Norway, in Clackamas, in Aurora…too many times.

I am a mother and finding compassion for the shooter is not yet within me. May he go nameless to whatever evil pit he himself believed existed. For those who are making money claiming that these deaths are faked – same thing.

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