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30 Years? How Can that Be?!

Karin Kallmaker Touchwood 30th Anniversary Edition 44 Comments

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I still can’t believe it’s been thirty years since the love story of Rayann and Louisa made its way out into the world. Half my brain accepts that events of that time are ancient history now, but the other half feels like I wrote this story merely “a while back.” Before I had kids, you know, not that long ago except both have graduated college now… Well sh*t.

Thirty years went by really fast.

It’s strange to realize that an age-gap romance I wrote in part to claim history for an older lesbian is now itself a step back in time for the younger woman’s experiences as well. I guess it’s not all that strange that all these years later I’d resonate with Louisa more than ever before. A lot of you who read the original back in the day and this edition now have said much the same thing.

As I revisited it I fell for them both all over again. If they existed in today’s world, I decided that Louisa would have adored Gentlemen Jack. Rayann would be the Queen of #BookTok and all over Insta.

Gentleman Jack banner promo

Everyone agrees that Angela Dawe’s narration is an absolute rave. I was blown away that she captured the inflections, snark, irony, pauses, and all the rest exactly as I would have done. I think she really got me, and the characters, all in one. Plus her voice for Louisa – “knee tremblingly good” as a reviewer put it.

Want to hear it for yourself? I’m giving away a download code to a random winner who comments on this blog. The audio code is courtesy of Tantor Media and Bella Books and claimed at If you can create an account at that site, you can use the code regardless of where you are in the world.

Audio book cover for Touchwood 30th Anniversary Edition by Karin Kallmaker, narrated by Angela Dawe

Winner drawn Jan 23. That’s this Sunday, so don’t delay! Comment about the weather, Gentleman Jack, Touchwood, how you feel about the DH rule, or whatever else might be on your mind. Keep it PG. Please note that it can take some time for your comment to appear due to moderation.

If you don’t win, don’t despair. You can get the audio version of Touchwood at all the usual places:

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