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Why Do I Write Lesbian Romance?

Karin Kallmaker Craft of Writing

I am of the opinion that lesbian romance novels are the only books where a woman can go to find affirmation of her hopes, her dreams and her choices in life. They contain the evolving nature of our relationships, friendships and community in this women-loving-women female/female ever-changing landscape.

For many women, even now, the only community they can safely find is in fiction written by lesbians and for lesbians. Depictions of real lesbian lives — or lives we hope some lesbians somewhere are leading — remind us that, even though we may not get it, we have a right to respect and happiness.

We deserve to live to see the end of the story.

That’s why I write what I do. And if all that sounds dreadfully serious, I also believe that laughter is probably the best thing in life. You can do it anywhere, any time and with anyone. And it feels good.

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  1. Excellent blog post. I am of the same point of view. I believe that it is incredibly empowering to put a beautiful, strong, powerful, even heroic lesbian in the lead role and let her be the winner at the end who gets the girl and the Saab and the house on the beach.:):) I just published my first lesbian romance novel and I so loved writing it. Check out my blog if you have a chance sometime. It's always good to find likeminded folks.

  2. I’m new to your writing and have just finished “Car Pool”, So I thought I’d find out a little more about you and ideas for what to seek out next.I totally agree with your idea that there is a place for lesbian romance and what it should encompass. Previously I’d get my fix of lesbian passion from thrillers, but they hardly reflect real life.I found your characters realistic and identify strongly with Andy. Although I’m not wealthy, I’m “comfortable”, in a professional role(not unlike Andy’s)and I don’t express my sexuality through my dress, body art or my haircut. It’s a joy to see a non-stereotypical depiction, at last.

  3. Hi Rachel – it’s been too long for your comment; somehow I missed it! That’s a lovely feeling, one of coming home, and that’s lesbian fiction I like has in common. No matter the genre or style, there’s an element of “home” to it. What a perfect way to describe it. Thanks!Karin

  4. I think that is so true. When I write the world can be a different place than what it is now. It makes me feel like my dreams and hopes are actually attainable. I want the same thing in what I read. I want a connection with the characters… to feel as if I know them and miss then when the book is over. I didn’t know I could have that until I picked up my first lesbian novel (which was “In Every Port” by the way). I remember the thrill of reading that first book and finally feeling like I was home.

  5. The mirror needs to reflect as many faces as possible, too, so I’m appreciative of an out and proud ‘butch girl’ in our ranks. *g*

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