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Why Do I Write Lesbian Romance?

Karin Kallmaker Craft of Writing

I am of the opinion that lesbian romance novels are the only books where a woman can go to find affirmation of her hopes, her dreams and her choices in life. They contain the evolving nature of our relationships, friendships and community in this women-loving-women female/female ever-changing landscape.

For many women, even now, the only community they can safely find is in fiction written by lesbians and for lesbians. Depictions of real lesbian lives — or lives we hope some lesbians somewhere are leading — remind us that, even though we may not get it, we have a right to respect and happiness.

We deserve to live to see the end of the story.

That’s why I write what I do. And if all that sounds dreadfully serious, I also believe that laughter is probably the best thing in life. You can do it anywhere, any time and with anyone. And it feels good.

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