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See You In Carolina, or, I Admit I’ll Sign Anything

Karin Kallmaker Events and Appearances

LGBT Center in Raleigh

It’s the Fifth Anniversary of the LGBT Center Library and it’s only fitting that the event be celebrated by talking about romance and love, books and writing. You haven’t marked your calendar yet? Tick tock! The event is in one week, next Sunday, September 25, at 1 p.m. There’s dessert! Why would you miss this?

Inevitably at an event like this, there are people who are shy about bringing all the books from home for me to sign. Don’t be shy! If you bring it, I will sign it. Preferably, it’s a book written by me. Some people, I’m not naming names but her initials are KG MacGregor, get a bit testy when I sign their books. (I’ll do it, but let’s keep it entre nous, shall we?)

If you’re hoping to buy a particular book from my backlist, this event doesn’t have a bookseller so you’ll need to order what you want from me in advance and I’ll bring it along to the event. I will have copies of Captain of Industry with me, but it you pre-order you’re assured of getting a copy.

Just visit my store, and at check out pick the shipping method “Hand Delivered to LGBT Event.” Don’t hesitate, just take care of it right now. Your order needs to be complete by 8 a.m. this Wednesday, September 21.


LGBT Center of Raleigh / Library 5th Anniversary Celebration
D. Jackson Leigh, KG MacGregor, Ann McMan, VK Powell, Rebecca Swartz and Karin Kallmaker
1-3 pm. Meet the Authors Romance Panel, Dessert and Shmoozefest
324 South Harrington Street, Raleigh NC

Malaprops Bookstore, Asheville

The luxury of signing in a real live bookstore! Join KG MacGregor and me this Saturday, September 24 at 7 p.m.! If you’re in the area you already know Malaprops is a powerhouse local indie store. You might not know that the boycotts over HB-2 have cost them dearly as collateral damage. KG and I are trying in our small way to return the store’s historic support of our community and books when they badly need it.

So please plan to spend the evening with us! I’m joining KG and pledging for every book of mine sold at Malaprops I’m donating $5 to Equality NC, which is leading the fight against HB-2.


Malaprops Bookstore and CafeKG MacGregor and Karin Kallmaker reading and signing
and hugging anyone who purchases books from the store
55 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC