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Paris and Diana at Last – My Lady Lipstick Now Available!

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Diana Beckinsale wears Maniac Red lipstick and high heels for confidence. Paris Ellison wears men’s suits and a Windsor knot in her ties. Same reason: confidence.

With wildly different experiences and goals in life they have a trait in common: the fear that other people will figure out they’re not who they say they are. Don’t we all have that fear on some level? Don’t we all wear some kind of costume that doubles as self-expression and armor?

Join Diana and Paris as they decide if there is any way to let each other behind the masks that have kept them safe. It means letting go of lies – so many lies. As the tag line on the back says,

My Lady Lipstick is high stakes on a merry-go-round of lies — it’s all fun and games until somebody loses her heart.

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Paperback and eBook versions are now available from my publisher, Bella Books. More of your dollars stay in our community and go to the women who created the book when you buy direct from the publisher. The first two chapters are available to read for free, so have a taste and see if it suits you.

It’s Just So Me

When a new book arrives on the doorstep it’s a wonderful feeling of gratitude and accomplishment, and it absolutely never gets old. When I showed it to my wife she said, “That’s perfect!” and took this picture.

Karin is the Lady Lipstick
I am nowhere near Diana’s level of high femme, but still. It’s uncanny and just a bit creepy.

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I hope you enjoy Diana and Paris’s story. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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