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Lesbian Nation Road Trip Story Back in Print

Karin Kallmaker Book News, Night Vision

Cover, Night Vision by Karin Kallmaker

Long out of print, my first book writing as Laura Adams, Night Vision, returns to publication in October. It’s a passionate lesbian love story set against a near-future science-fiction backdrop. The heroine is a wry loner who spends her unsatisfactory days as an IRS agent. Her nights take a very interesting turn when dreams become reality. A voice in her head becomes a woman who needs help, and all the lesbians she knows are having similar experiences. I think the story is funny, sexy and has a lot of the Lesbian Nation energy.

Unlike Christabel, Laura Adams’ second novel to which I made extensive changes, Night Vision has been lightly edited for references to technology. It’s no longer necessary to show readers how a character can search for a local support group or how instant messaging works. There’s an excerpt from the first chapter at my web site, as well as one for The Dawning, the sequel.

The Dawning returns to print in February, next year.