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Linkapalooza – Holiday Novella ‘Comfort and Joy’ Available Just About Everywhere

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“Everywhere” might be an exaggeration, but readers from Japan to India, Alaska to Australia can now download Comfort and Joy from their favorite e-tailer. Below is a list of direct links to help you find it wherever in the world you are.

More story information and a free sample that you can read without a download. Linkapalooza? Scroll down…

Create Community, Share Your Honest Opinion

Have you read Comfort and Joy? Like any author, I’d be thrilled if you shared your opinion with others to help them decide if it’s a story they might like. Just be honest. A simple star-rating at Goodreads, short or long review at your favorite e-tailer — it’s pure comfort and joy to authors and creates community with other lesfic readers.

Word of mouth, reader to reader, is still the most powerful force of all. Again, thank you. And thank you, and you, and you — and you.

The Linkapalooza for Comfort and Joy

Bella Books (original distribution from 2012), DRM-free EPUB, Mobi and PDF versions unlocked with purchase. This version is nearly identical to all others. (So if you’ve already bought it, don’t buy another copy elsewhere. You can check in your Bella eBook library to see.)

My personal webstore (2015 update), DRM-free EPUB and Mobi versions unlock with purchase (all major CCs and PayPal accepted). Thank you to everyone who has already bought a copy directly. It means a little extra in the bank and is very much appreciated. [There’s also a free short estory at my webstore about grammar and love (in that order) available; if you go to that link and scroll to “you may also like” you’ll find it. By “free” I mean free, no payment info is required, though you do have to go through a checkout process to get to the download.]

For Kindle via Amazon – wherever there’s an Amazon site. US, Mexico, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, Japan, India and more. All you readers who have already put the novella on a best seller list – ho ho ho and thank you!

German readers have more choices via their Tolino shops: Thalia, Weltbild and Hugendubel.

Apple devices and iBook app users can enjoy it direct from Apple as well.

Love your Kobo? Right here. Or ask your favorite local indie bookseller if they can hook you up.

Got some Google Play points? This is your link.

Nook device and app users can acquire direct from Barnes & Noble.

12/15, modified to add: For those who like to access their books from Smashwords just click.

An appeal on behalf of myself, sister writers and publishers – From just about any location on the globe you can purchase your lesfic and unlock a Mobi version at Bella or my (and some other author) webstores and email it to your Kindle account. For any other reader or app you can for the same price get the EPUB version to download to whatever your favorite app is, including iBook. You get more flexibility, DRM-free files you can back up and put on your cloud. If you make the author or publisher your source whenever possible, more of your money stays in the community that brings you stories about you and your life. /endappeal