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Do Overs + 2 = Old Treasures in New Formats

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When you’ve been writing for twenty-mumble years, it’s a lot like living in the same house for that length of time. You accumulate trunks full of treasures because there’s just not enough shelf space to display everything. Fortunately, there’s no limit on shelf space in the digital world, so I figured it’s time to dust off a lot of my treasures and put them out for all to see.

Do Overs and two more Stories of Lesbian Love and Sensuality is three of those treasures in one little package. The two additional stories are “You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play” and “Lilith.” The three stories add up to 13.5K words, and there’s a bonus sneak peek at the end from my next lesbian romance novel, Captain of Industry.

Short stories tend to accumulate complex publication histories, and one of my fervent wishes is that no one buy something they’ve already read and might be sitting on their shelf in an anthology. If you visit my web store listing, you’ll see each story listed with a brief description and where it originally appeared. Also, to be clear, while I’ve done some light editing and updating, there is no reason to buy the stories again!


Do Overs +2 goes lives on January 29th, but you can download and enjoy it now from my web store or pre-order it from your Amazon, Kobo or Apple stores at $1.99. After it goes live the price will go up a little bit and it will be available just about everywhere. So if you peeked at your collection and don’t have these three treasures don’t wait to secure your copy.

If you read this far, here’s an excerpt!

Excerpt from Do Overs

by Karin Kallmaker