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“Comfort and Joy” Holiday Novella Excerpt

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Milla Zajac is home for the holidays. It’s a surprise for her mother, and a promise of the best apple pie on the planet and plenty of unrationed hot showers. Her winding path home leads her to Tyna, and thoughts of a future that seemed out of reach. (Excerpt below.)

Available at my web store for $2.99 in both DRM-free epub and mobi formats, the story is over 15,000 words – and who knows? It’s possible I’ll pen a sequel. My web store accepts all credit cards through PayPal Processing Services. You don’t need a PayPal account.


Excerpt from Comfort and Joy

by Karin Kallmaker

Readers have told me that it’s a highly enjoyable re-read every year. A former solider said she loved the line, “Don’t call me ma’am. I’m enlisted. I work for a living.” For myself, I enjoyed writing this novella so much, including the research. Revisiting it to produce my own ebook versions was great fun. Milla Zajac was a character who arrived fully formed in my mind, needing to explain why she was visiting a cemetery on Christmas Eve.

ebook cover bella comfort and joy lesbian holiday romanceThis novella was originally released in 2012 and until now has only been available at Please don’t buy it twice. (It’s so disappointing when I think I’m getting something new and it turns out to be something I’ve already read!) Here’s the Bella cover to jog your memory. Aside from minor edits and corrections, the difference between the editions is purely cosmetic.

P.S. To Spellcheck – you can mark “duffel” all you want but that’s how the Army spells it and they know more about them than you do.


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