Our Happy Hours – How LGBT People Thrive(d) and Survive(d)

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Our Happy Hours

This week marks the release of Our Happy Hours: LGBT Voices from the Gay Bars. I’m proud to be a contributor to this anthology. The stories, essays and poetry collected between its covers represent diverse voices raised to celebrate and commemorate what our bars have been and are for our community.


History, Herstory, Our Story

I was a women’s bookstore baby. By the time I knew the women’s bars existed, they were already fading in the past. “My Nose Pressed Against the Glass of History” details my first and last visit to a women’s bar and reveals – shock of shocks! – the woman who took me to that gay bar. She might not even remember. She also has a contribution in this anthology. (Any guesses?)

Other stories and moving poetry highlight personal and moving memories of love and loss, fiery political birthplaces, poetic reverence, and points of resistance. The collectors, Lee Lynch and S. Renee Bess, created Our Happy Hours after the Pulse Massacre, when we were all reminded that our safety is tissue thin. Proceeds from sales go to benefit two LGBT youth organizations.

Contributors List

Ann Aptaker, Dontá Morrison, Rae Theodore, James Schwartz, Jennifer Morales, Cheryl Head, Heather Jane, Beth Burnett, Cindy Rizzo, Stephen Reigns, Clay Kerrigan, Earlon Sterling, Sallyanne Monti, Karen DiPrima, S. Renee Bess, Richard Natale, Mercedes Lewis, Martha Miller, Liz McMullen, Rebekah Weatherspoon, Penny Mickelbury, Johnny Townsend, Merril Mushroom, Brian Heyburn, Lee Lynch, Joan Nestle, Ian Cassidy, Angela Garrigan, Nahshon Anderson Fuentes, Ardy Tibby, Katharine E. K. Duckett, Rachel E. Bailey, Darryl Denning, Lisa Carlson, Katherine V. Forrest, Jen Silver, Shelley Thrasher, Kitty Kat, Jamie Anderson, Shawn Marie Bryan, Ann Laughlin, JP Howard, L. K. Early, Patrick Coulton, Michael Ward, Karin Kallmaker and Bonnie J. Morris.

Where You Can Buy Our Happy Hours

BELLA BOOKS – Lesbian Owned
Independent Booksellers – my favorite is the very local, very gay-owned and LGBT friendly Laurel Bookstore
Amazon and the other usual online sources

What You Can Do

This project was a labor of love, and your word of mouth will help it secure a home where LGBT young people can find it.

  • Buy a copy for yourself
  • Buy another to donate to your local LGBT resource center.
  • If you have some pull with a college library, tell them they should add it to their LGBT resource section.
  • Tell your local library you want to read this book and they may add it to their own shelves. (More about how to do that here.)

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