A wonderfully written, wonderfully entertaining novel.

Bay Area Reporter

Kallmaker has a sure sense of the power of language and of the power of eros. The two are combined in scenes that left me gasping … with pleasure. Touchwood … is a wonderfully written, wonderfully entertaining novel. That it addresses, with wisdom and compassion and delight, the most profound questions of who we are and how we define ourselves, is an extra gift, one to be treasured and enjoyed. – Touchwood, 1990

Of all Karin Kallmaker’s very fine novels, Touchwood is my favorite. Watermark, a sequel … may even be better. This is a rich, compelling, wonderful novel, one that will live long in your memory and your heart. – Watermark, 1999

Deborah Pfeiffer, Bay Area Reporter

Touchwood and Watermark, First Edition – Karin Kallmaker

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