The perfect read for a dark night, a cozy armchair and a warm fire in the fireplace.

Lynne Watson for MegaScene

Christabel is part ghost story and part a traditional tale of good and evil. It is a story told over time, going back and forth from the days of colonial America to the modern business and financial district of New York City. It is also the love story of Christabel and Dina; a love that has lasted through time.

Just as the story of Christabel is told partly in the present, and partly in the past, so do the voices telling the story change. First from a first person narrative, and then to the third person. Through it all, we see the characters of Christabel, Dina, and the evil designer, Leo Goranson. Christabel and Dina first meet when New York City is still a colony, recently taken from the Dutch by the English. Christabel is a colonial girl, born in what is now Long Island. Dina is a member of the Manhattan tribe, who once controlled the area. Christabel and Dina, then called Rahdonee, meet and fall in love. Their happiness is interrupted by Reverend Gorony, the village pastor.

Now the reader moves in time to New York City where Dina Rowland, investment broker, is trying to line up capital for Leo Goranson, best known for his designs and for his fabulous model, Christabel. As Dina and Christabel meet the same sparks fly that were there hundreds of years ago. This time, however, it is Leo who is trying to keep them apart. How the fight between good and evil plays is the exciting climax to the intriguing novel.

Christabel is the perfect read for a dark night, a cozy armchair and a warm fire in the fireplace. It will definitely draw the reader in and keep the pages turning until the last page.” – MegaScene

Christabel, First Edition – Karin Kallmaker

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