The narration was exquisite and flowed very smoothly! Well done!

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“A good read about wonderful characters. Would definitely recommend. So glad to have some KK to listen to. Have been writing audible asking for more for 3 years. Enjoyed the story immensely, especially once it was whittled down for a bit to the two MCs… Love Karin’s ability to write easy and realistic inner and outer dialogue. Loved the middle America setting, middle class jobs.” – Audible Listener JCPDX

“This was a beautifully written love story! Liddy had no intention of failing in love during her eight week stay in Iowa City. Her plan was recover from a broken heart and do research for a novel a famous writer had commissioned her to do. Then she met Marian the librarian and all those plans went out the window. Thus the story begins and the angst, and the push/pull the begins to build between them is beautiful to observe…The supporting characters were also great! The narration was exquisite and flowed very smoothly! Well done!” – Audible Listener via Kindle

One Degree of Separation – Karin Kallmaker

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One Degree of Separation   

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