Karin's superpower - knows where the chocolate is

Embrace Your Superpower

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Karin's superpower - knows where the chocolate is

 I was enjoying the great outdoors at the mall, like you do, which included a long looping walk both indoors and out. Don’t scoff, I racked up 7 miles. Plus it’s a large mall and there are stairs in plenty. On a surprisingly warm winter day, I wove my way outside to warm up and inside to cool off. Outside to marvel at the plum trees snowing down white blossoms on the sidewalks and back inside to stop sneezing.

During one of my outdoor swings a mid-thirties man in a truck slowed in the parking lot, obviously wanting to ask me a question.

Did I mention it was two days before Valentine’s Day? The mall was also crowded for early on a Friday afternoon.

He seemed a bit anxious and a disabled placard was swinging from his rear view mirror.  I popped off one ear bud (Samantha Bee’s hilarious I Know I Am But What Are You, chapter 6) and hoped he wasn’t thinking of mayhem. Because female in public space. I digress.

“Do you know where in the mall the See’s Candy is?”

Embrace your strengths. Own your excellence. Everybody has a superpower. In that moment, mine was how to get to See’s in the fewest steps.

“This is a great place to park. Go in the Nordstrom’s doors there. There’s an elevator on the right. Take it to the second floor. Turn toward the main mall entrance and as you exit Nordstrom’s the See’s is immediately on your left. The line wasn’t too bad.”

I didn’t even intimate that perhaps he had left it a bit late. Dude wants to get his beau chocolate, I support that completely. He was grateful and I had wielded my superpower for good.

milk chocolate bordeaux by sees
It was nearly as rewarding as the Final Jeopardy in my mind wherein I win the Tournament of Champions with “What is a Bordeaux, Alex?”