Book Sale to Aid Long-Time LesFic Supporter

Karin Kallmaker Sisters of the Pen

Keep Calm and Love On Poster

Today your superpower can be helping out someone in need. And you end up with books! I learned a few hours ago that a long-time supporter of lesbian fiction books, a woman who has given countless hours to the Stonewall Library in Fort Lauderdale, touched each and every one of our books on the shelves, alphabetized them, taped up boo boos, acted as a tireless reference and referral for other readers, is battling cancer. As a retiree in Florida, she is without health insurance.

For those who attended the Bella Y Tour and volunteered at Stonewall, or are regular supporters and visitors, I’m speaking of Judy Shepherd.

Judy and I met several years ago, and I’ll never forget our car ride from my hotel to the library for my appearance there. There wasn’t a book Judy hadn’t read and her memory of small details was far sharper than mine. I would love to write a big, fat check — if only my wallet could withstand it.

But what I can do is put my books on sale through the month of May and pledge everything over and above the cost of mailing them out to Judy’s fund.

You can visit my page that explains how to get books from me.

Maybe you’ve met Judy and weren’t aware of her situation. You can always go directly to the Pride Center and donate.

Thanks for reading and considering!

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