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Sapphic Book Bingo Unicorns – Find Them Here!

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It’s a new year and time for the 2023 edition of Sapphic Book Bingo, organized by the completely awesome Jae.

Have you not heard of Sapphic Book Bingo? Well. Here’s all the details from Jae herself and links to download PDFs of the two bingo cards – Book Unicorns and the Main Categories.

Find out everything you need to know, then come back here for ideas on my books that will help you fill your Bingo card. You could have some of them on your shelf already. Reread a favorite or find something new!

Subscribe to Jae’s recommendations, by the way. You’ll get a wide range of suggestions and for sure discover some new authors. Her weekly blog posts will have some giveaways!


My Unicorns

Just pausing a moment to say that I’ve always wanted a unicorn and thanks to Jae, I’ve realized I have many. Thanks Jae!
Romance without a sex scene: Wind in Her Hair, a 1950s style fade-to-black self-discovery romance. Embrace in Motion also fits the bill in that the main characters don’t have sex before the novel ends. However, one of them has sex, albeit clearly with a woman who is not Ms. Right.
Imperfect sex: Car Pool, which is coming to audio soon! The chili pepper scene, one of the few in my books based on personal experience. Enough said. In A Fish Out of Water sex invokes a terrible curse, so I would say, yes, something goes wrong.
Shorter butch character: One Degree of Separation (now in audio!) and All the Wrong Places. Both books are on the steamy side, too. Coincidence?
Brown eyes: Simply the Best, Maybe Next Time, and Painted Moon. That’s the ones where I’m sure. I do wish I’d kept a list.
Unusual first date: Captain of Industry where Suzanne and Jennifer spend their first date opening and starting assembly on a huge Lego project building the Space Shuttle. The date goes awry because Legos and bare feet.
Immigrant or expat: Velvet in Venice The name kind of gives it away.


Stunning cover: Cowboys and Kisses is a striking cover, IMHO, as is my upcoming release Knight of Nights. I also think My Lady Lipstick is unusual because, unlike most romance covers, the model is looking you right in the eye. Anita Topaz doesn’t want you to think she’s hiding anything, which she totally is.
POC on the cover: Because I Said So. The model on the cover represents Filipino-American Kesa Sapiro. Also, the new “Nikki Velvet, Chanteuse” cover of Velvet in Venice.
Menopause: Roller Coaster features actress Helen Baynor. She’s having hot flashes in an industry where 35 might be too old to play 50, and 50 might as well be 90.
Unusual setting: Cowboys and Kisses is set in a fictional but very real 1870s frontier town bordello. In A Fish Out of Water part of the story is set in the Land of the Mer.

Main Categories

Age-gap romance: Touchwood – 29 years. In Simply the Best it’s 15 years.
“Heart” in the title: I have yet to put “heart” in a book title (but I will in 2024 with Covered Hearts. I heartily recommend Jae’s Heart Trouble.
Co-authored book: Take your pick of either of the In Deep Waters volumes I co-wrote with Radclyffe. In the mood for a sea cruise or a trip to Vegas?
Inheritance: Making Up for Lost Time. Chef Jamie Onassis (no relation) inherits the old sea coast inn where she grew up. Enter Val Valentine, DIY Fixer. Who wears a tool belt. And also makes me think a 2024 book unicorn should be a character with an utterly outrageous name, like Valkyrie Valentine.
Free sapphic book: There are four right here.


Country or state you haven’t visited: Never been to California? Pop over to my All About Everything page and click on “Love, California Style.” What about Alaska for a Warming Trend? What about Italy via Velvet in Venice? I also have to suggest Stepping Stone because in most ways, Hollywood isn’t even on this planet.
Single parent: Roller Coaster. In addition to hot flashes, Helen Baynor has twins, both teenagers.
Enemies-to-lovers romance: It’s hate at first sight in Love by the Numbers and a case of pride meets prejudice in Just Like That.
Pride scene: My fourth novel Car Pool has a true San Francisco Pride Parade experience. In my recent novel Simply the Best a pride dance on a California beach helps save New Yorker Alice Cabot’s aching soul.
Angsty romance: A Fish Out of Water is off the chart angst in an erotic romance. Maybe Next Time features a suicidal violinist, so yeah, there’s angst.

book cover sugar lesbian romance novel

Low-angst romance: Sugar is full of sweet Sugar.
Boss/employee romance: Above Temptation fits the bill. Although technically Tamara Sterling is Kip Barrett’s boss’s boss’s boss.

book cover lammy goldie winner kiss that counted

Workaholic character: In The Kiss that Counted CJ Roche is determined to work hard with no distractions. Her reasons are unusual to say the least. Let’s just say she’s got red in her ledger… I suppose that it would also be considered angsty.
Vineyard romance: Just Like That fits the bill. So does Jae’s Something in the Wine. Just sayin’.
Sibling relationship: In Unbeliever, Hayley and Kylie Carnegie are identical twins. Their lives are far from identical. Oh. I guess this is another angsty one, though it’s not the romance that brings out the tissues.
Tool belt: As above, Making Up for Lost Time. Val’s tool belt makes it very hard for Jamie to focus.

It’s terrific that Jae puts this event together every year. Be sure to drop some thanks on her! Like I said, you’ll want to sign up for her blog so you can get a broad range of suggestions and have a chance at some giveaways.

Speaking of Giveaways

You could cross the “immigrant/ex-pat” off your list right now with Velvet in Venice. My reward for anyone who read this far is a giveaway. Comment below by telling me which of Jae’s books you’ve enjoyed or intend to read soon, and I’ll pick a winner for a copy of Velvet in Venice eBook from my site (which means anyone anywhere in the world can win). Drawing on January 10.

Note: All the book links above take you to an informational page about each story. If you don’t already have it, you can purchase them in nearly all the usual places. Please consider doing so from my favorite community-owned and focused Bella Books. More of your dollars stay with the people who made you the stories and will keep making you stories.

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