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Picking a Favorite Child – Free Anthology and Mega-Sale News

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That Dreaded Question

One of the most challenging questions a writer can get is, “What’s your favorite of what you’ve written?” The answer is never easy.

Most of the time, my favorite thing is what I last imagined in my head and actually made it to the page the way I hoped it might. Or that scene that for some reason always makes me cry. Or has a writer’s tool in it that I managed to use to its best effect. It’s hard to answer “That scene – look at the foreshadowing!” and have anyone who isn’t a writer really get it.

So when I Heart SapphFic asked what my favorite scene was from a single book, I really had no idea how to answer. Plus, they wanted me to explain why – even tougher! It took some thought. Creativity hasn’t been exactly easy these past several years, and everything I’ve written has felt like a victory. I’m proud of every word.

I Finally Chose My “Favorite” Child

I finally settled on a scene from Simply the Best, edited by Medora MacDougall. It was one that was difficult to write, was also cathartic to write, and readers have said helped them get past some of the despair we feel at the many ways our community, and our world, is under siege.

Favorite Scenes from Favorite Authors cover

You can read that scene, and my reasons for picking it, along with favorite scenes and reasons why from 190+ more authors in a special free anthology put together by incredibly creative and always busy folks at I Heart SapphFic.

The whole anthology is a treasure hunt because it has a range of styles and genres – truly something for everyone. I’m finding it fun to browse and see who and what catches my interest. I read the scene first, and then flip back to read why the author picked it. It’s really fun as a reader, and mini-lessons as a writer.

What’s This About a Mega-Sale?

How busy are they at I Heart SapphFic? They’ve also organized the Books Bargain Bonanza you should really check out too. That link takes you to a page with a book you might find of interest, just sayin’. (Hint: It’s 60% off for just 4 days!)

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