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Land o’ Book Love – Upcoming Events in Minneapolis

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Road Trip!

Hello Land of 10,000 Lakes! The North Star State! And home to an astonishing quantity of out and proud queer writers. My wife and I are undertaking an epic trek this fall, and it includes a swing through the Twin Cities where I’ll be reading my work and talking about books at two different official venues.

There will also be unofficial meetups in Detroit, Ann Arbor and Stratford that I’ve announced on Facebook, so visit the link if those locations intrigue you.

logo for Quatrefoil library

Quatrefoil Library

First up is “An Evening with Karin Kallmaker” at Quatrefoil Library. The idea is I’ll read a bit, talk a bit, answer questions a bit. The topic is up to those in the room. Yes, if you bring me books to sign, I will sign them. Preferably books by me. Not naming names, but there are authors who don’t appreciate it when you sign their books for them. Go figure.

And not library books, I won’t sign those. I fear librarian wrath and you should too.

I’ll be bringing some books with me that you can purchase from me then. See below about that option.

Thursday, September 27, 2018, 7pm
Quatrefoil Library
1220 E Lake St, Minneapolis
This event is free.


logo once upon a crime books

Once Upon a Crime Books

A Wriggle of Writers sharing laughter and words – that’s what you’ll get at the legendary Once Upon a Crime Books. I’m looking forward to finally visiting the store! Shout out to Host with Most Jesse Chandler, who has herded cats assembled a great line-up. Right now the list of writers includes (subject to change):

  • Jessie Chandler – Capers and mysteries. Ask her about her NEW series!
  • Rachel Gold – YA gender non-comforming gamer inclusive amazing stories.
  • Nancy Hedin – Her debut novel is Bend and it’s already an award-winner.
  • Catherine Lundoff – Prolific author of many things including queer spec fic and fantasy.
  • MB Panichi – Sci-fi is her thing and she writes romance plus there’s drumming.
  • Genta Sebastian – It’s all about the Rainbow, Family, and Love.
  • Karin Kallmaker – She just shows up and nobody knows how to make her leave.

Friday, September 28, 2018, 7-9pm
Once Upon a Crime Books
604 W. 26th St., Minneapolis, 612-870-3785
This event is free, but it’s an indie bookstore and thought unicorns don’t pay the electric bill. Buy something. Anything.

Getting Books to be Signed

You have a couple of choices. If you’re coming to Quatrefoil, go to my store and order what you want. When you get to shipping options, choose Free Media Mail and then in the checkout instructions say in all caps so we notice BRING TO QUATREFOIL. Your books will be driven all the way there in the back of a Subaru which is about as lesbian as it gets. Yes, I will have a few books available there but no guarantees which ones. So order in advance.

If you’re coming to Once Upon a Crime, the best choice is to pre-order what you want me (or anyone else) to sign from Once Upon a Crime. That way the title you want is sure to be waiting for you.

Or you can order from my shop. Choose Free Media Mail for shipping and in the checkout instructions say in all caps so we can’t miss it BRING TO ONCE UPON A CRIME. There will be a few different titles there for purchase on the spot, but no guarantees which ones. So order in advance.

Can you bring books you already have from home? Yes, I’m happy to sign them. If you have a lot, I’ll ask you to hang out to the end of the queue.

Are we meeting up some place else this fall and you want me to bring you a book? Same instruction, select free media mail and type in the checkout instructions where we’re meeting.

The deadline to pre-order books from me is September 10! Why? Because that’s when the Subaru is being packed up.

Not in the Twin Cities and Still Need Some Queer Lit?

Catherine Lundoff and Rachel Gold are at the St. Cloud branch of the Great River Library on 9/14. You should totally check that out if you can. And on 9/15 they’ll be at St. Cloud Pride in the Park. Plus on November 4 in Excelsior, Rachel Gold and 5 others YA authors will be at Trinity Episcopal for “GET A GRIP! Minding Your Mind in Teen Literature.”

In These Times…

If you’re like me, you’re feeling these new dark times. I have found no better way to get through than hanging out with my community to celebrate, laugh and know that we are seen and heard. It makes all the difference. So I hope to see you somewhere in my travels this fall. It’ll be good for both of us.

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