publicity poster for 2018 Western Women Writers of New Mexico annual event

WWW of New Mexico – A Day of Writing and Women in the West

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publicity poster for 2018 Western Women Writers of New Mexico annual event

Treat yourself and join us! These women love books. They love to write. They love Albuquerque*. And every year they put that all together for an annual event featuring a variety of authors across genres and identities. So I’m really pleased this year to be appearing at the WWW Conference with literary luminaries I’ve fangrrled for years.

  • Anne Hillerman: Author of the Bernadette Manuelito with Chee and Leaphorn mysteries set in and around the Navajo Nation.
  • Rena Distasio: Book, magazine and web editor, and author of numerous works about lifestyle and travel, including homage to her beloved southwest sites.
  • Darynda Jones: Author of paranormal, mystery and romance novels, including the Charley Davidson series.
  • Karin Kallmaker: In case you’re new here, author of romance novels featuring lesbian lead characters, with food and music and other stuff.

Saturday, September 15, 2018, 9am – 5pm
Joseph Montoya Campus, UNM
Albuquerque, NM
Registration fee: $25

All the deets are here: Western Women Writers Facebook Group and here’s a quick link to the registration form.

My contribution to the day will be “Chase Your Own Success (Not Someone Else’s)” which is about writer self-care in the days of social media. I was really pleased by the audience response at the GCLS Conference in July and am truly happy to be presenting it again.

Chase Your Own Success

Do you ever feel as if you’re not doing the writing life right? Everyone else seems to have more or better. Sales, reviews, awards, nods from VIPs, money, expertise, word counts, buzz, fans, acclaim, on and on.

Social media amplifies the message: success is something other people are having all around you. Should you change your vision? How can you replicate their success for yourself?

It’s time to take a step back. This workshop will help you define success in your own terms and give you tools to silence the negative perceptions that sap your creativity. Chase your own success – not someone else’s.

Presented by: Karin Kallmaker

*Visit once and you will too!

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