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Love is Magic is Love – How “Unbeliever” Came to Be

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The mental photograph: mysterious book, a few mumbled words, and presto. Naked woman appears out of nowhere. And she’s really angry about it.

That’s how stories begin in my head – a sketch of a moment or a glimpse of an idea. A situation that needs to complete.

Unbeliever began as a project featuring sizzling, magic-based love stories. My heroine would stumble into magic – and into the arms of love. When I decided I wanted Unbeliever out in the world on its own, I added the subtitle Love is Magic is Love. At its simplest, that’s exactly what Unbeliever is.

But what if she doesn’t believe in magic, and isn’t so sure about love either?

Facing an inconceivable loss in the midst of the darkest season of her life, Hayley Carnegie wants winter to end, yet can’t bear the arrival of spring. She doesn’t nurture hope or believe there is deliverance from the inevitable future. She proves herself right. And learns she is wrong.

I try not to choose between my stories for favorites, because I love them all. Still, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m partial to Unbeliever. It’s full of the magic women create for themselves and together.

The longest night for half the planet is nearly here. After that the light comes back. Unbeliever is that kind of story: light comes back. Because love in all its forms. Of course.

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Available Everywhere

Unbeliever is 33,400 words (about half the length of many novels) and is available in eBook just about everywhere.

Ultimate format flexibility and more of your $$$ in the hands of the women who write and produce stories for you:


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Unbeliever was originally written for Bell, Book and Dyke. If that anthology is already in your collection there’s no reason to buy this edition. (Save your pennies for something else!) I do think this is the perfect time of year to pull it off the shelf and fall into its pages.

Not sure if it’s for you? There’s a long excerpt on Unbeliever‘s “All About” page.

Whatever the format, I hope you enjoy it beginning to end. If you can find a moment to tell a friend or write a review, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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