...Well written, romantic and comparable to Curious Wine, which I also loved.

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“Kallmaker teases the reader, building enough romantic tension to melt an iceberg.” – Jeanne

“…Classic Kallmaker elements with interesting characters, wry wit and steamy love scenes.” – MJ

“…This (is) the book that I go back to re-read…” – A Customer

“I was sucked in to this wonderfully romantic and passionate story right off the bat.” – Nancy

“I can’t recommend this book enough to the romantics at heart, or to the nonbelievers who wonder what the rest of us see in this kind of novel.” – A Customer

“I thought the love scenes were beautifully described.” – Rachelle

“The element that attracts me most to this novel is that the main characters are people who you would enjoy spending a weekend with yourself.” – Elaine

“It is well written, romantic and comparable to Curious Wine, which I also loved.” – Janet

“The two main characters are not stunningly attractive. They are not saints nor are they sinners. They are completely human and flawed, which is what makes the novel so engrossing and the love scenes so incredible to read.” – Lee

Painted Moon – Karin Kallmaker

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Painted Moon - First Edition   Painted Moon 25th Anniversary Edition   

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