Lesbian Vegas – Pre-Order Books for P-Town!

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Women’s Week in Provincetown — Stroll the rustic streets and everywhere you look there are women holding hands, smooching on each other, laughing and enjoying great food and snappy autumn weather. Every open space, from coffeehouses to theaters to a room over a store will feature lesbian performers. From stand-up comedy to plays to singers, tea dances to raves, everything lesbian is packed into just a few short blocks. It’s like Lesbian Vegas for women in sensible shoes.

This year, one of my favorite book organizations is having their first annual Women’s Week event: GCLS in Provincetown 2012. A one-day event with more than thirty authors will feature panels, signings, meet and greet (and hug), all taking place at The Sage Inn. (It will probably be a decade before I don’t call it The Vixen.) If you’re going, please stop in on Friday October 12, 10 to 3. You will never meet a friendlier group of women.

In particular, I’m part of a panel with Lee Lynch, Sophia Kell Hagin and Hilary Sloin where we’ll be answering questions and trying not to misbehave. This is hard when Lee Lynch is involved. She has been Making Trouble for quite a while and is, therefore, very good at it. You can see the complete schedule here.

If you’re planning to go and are hoping to have me sign books, you’re in luck because I love signing books. You can bring all the ones you have and I’ll sign until I pass out. (Should this happen, revive me with chocolate.) However, if there’s a book of mine you’re hoping to buy, you need to pre-order.

I want to be sure I have the book you’re looking for on hand. I can’t bring them all…even one copy of each book is a suitcase full!

So starting today I’m taking pre-orders for books to be delivered to you. I’m adding some sugar to the deal too. For every order where you pick “Deliver to GCLSWW” for the shipping method, I’m donating a portion to the GCLS General Fund based on the order total.

$0 – $20 –  15%
$20 – $39 – 20%
$39+ – 30%

To access my shopping cart you can open the catalog to browse.

Does this include my next novel, Love by the Numbers? Yes — except I can’t deliver it to you there with the other books. I will mail it to you when it’s available later in the year, but there won’t be a shipping fee. All you’ll need to do is tell me how you want it signed.

Be sure when you check out to pick “Deliver to GCLSWW” as the shipping method! That’s the only way I’ll know you want me to donate some of the order to GCLS. I’ll bring the books to The Sage Inn and sign them when you pick them up.*

Questions? Comment at the blog, on Facebook or Tweet me. The offer is good through Sunday October 7, 2012.

If for some reason you don’t pick them up at the event, I’ll ship them to you media mail when I return home.

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