I feel like I have spent the afternoon in Louisa and Rayann's bookstore.

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“Woven in Karin’s beautiful style, this heartwarming, age gap love story expresses the challenges of one generation, that leads to the freedom of the next. Louisa is able to reap the benefits of her generations sacrifices through the eyes and love of Rayann, born into a world of self expression without fear.” – M

“This is a wonderful story that has continued to be a winner. Can’t believe it has been 30 years and it still kept me entertained. Liked the new additions.” – Kindle reader

“My, my. What a beautiful book. I now understand why Touchwood is a favourite for many readers. I stepped so deeply into this story I feel like I have spent the afternoon in Louisa and Rayann’s bookstore.” – Eh

Touchwood 30th Anniversary Edition by Karin Kallmaker

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Touchwood 30th Anniversary Edition   

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