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The lesbian hybrid of Joyce Carol Oates and Danielle Steele.

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Prolific Naiad novelist Karin Kallmaker is something of a prodigy. She’s barely into her 40s, she’s published 15 books, and she doesn’t depend on the formula of continuing characters to lighten her creative workload.

And, as frosting on the cake, her plots are textured, her characters are engaging, her sex scenes are intense, and her prose style is better than workmanlike — she’s the lesbian hybrid of Joyce Carol Oates (if Oates wrote briefer, less bleak books) and Danielle Steele (if Steele wrote well). Substitute for Love continues Kallmaker’s string of darn good reads… That Kallmaker renders the tortuous travails of Holly and Reyna quite plausible is one of her novel’s many charms.

Richard LaBonte, Book Marks

Substitute for Love – Karin Kallmaker

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