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Beautiful and unforgettable story of love and hope.

Reviews from Readers around the Web

“The emotional power of this book is raw and unvarnished and yet not mawkish or melodramatic… I simply did not expect this kind of writing and moving prose in a romance novel.” – A Customer

“…It was amazing how Karin Kallmaker wrote two opposite points of view hand-in-hand and making a beautiful and unforgettable story of love and hope.” Mary

“This novel floored me. And it helped me. I’ve been that older woman and that younger woman.” – A Customer

“I have written over 500 reviews, with my name and without. I’ve read thousands of lesbian novels by now, some wonderful, many OK and some terrible. Whenever I’m asked about outstanding books though, I always come back to this one and it’s companion Touchwood.” – Sage

“This is a very emotional book that should not be missed. It is also entertaining and witty.” – Elaine

“This book was heart wrenching as well as heart hoping… Hope, love, and happiness….imagine.” – T.

Watermark – Karin Kallmaker

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