They prevailed with good old fashioned lesbian camaraderie and intelligence.

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“It is science fiction but it was not over the top. I often could see where it was going, but it still kept me enthralled. The ending actually choked me up.” – L.

“The ending was moving and very satisfying. I’ve never liked romance novels per se, but if the love scenes in this book generate a fraction of the usual heat in what this woman writes, I might have to force myself to read the books under the Kallmaker name.” – Reader

“It’s way better than the X Files. Really diverting, I read it in a long night. It was a terrific roller coaster all the way.” – A Customer

“…If you’re a fan of that genre, give this book a try!” – Jalee

“I liked that the group came to the rescue in a beat up, borrowed camper. They had no weapons, no high tech gadgets and gizmos, no martial arts, and no kick-ass, superhuman beauty to save the day. They prevailed with good old fashioned lesbian camaraderie and intelligence.” – Bailey

“…Absolutely riveting and satisfying!” – A Customer

“Only Karin Kallmaker could write an orgy with only two people in the room.” – Lesbian Reader

Night Vision – Karin Kallmaker

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Night Vision   

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