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So I Had This Idea 2019 – From Idea to Published Work

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Every writer I know has doubts – they come with the job. On top of that, once the Googlerithmz realize we’re writers, every third online ad has a new way, a rediscovered old way, a better way, the best way, the only way to be a writer.

Know what I say to that? Hooey. (It’s a technical term.) The only wrong way to write is not to write. After that, whatever works is what works.

Every year I have the good fortune to be reminded of this fact when I moderate a panel of recently published writers who tell how they did it, warts and all. So mark your Saturday afternoon at 1:30pm to sit in on “So I Had This Idea – From Idea to Published Work.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced author or just starting out. I find it refreshing, every year, to be reminded that there are as many ways as there are writers to birth a book. No two authors ever describe the same journey. This panel is one of my favorite parts of my favorite conference of the year.

GCLS logo 2019 Pittsburgh

Past panelists have included Jen Silver, Ashley Bartlett, Lynette Beers, Nancy Hedin, Tagan Shepherd, Erin Zak, Annette Mori, RG Emmanuelle, Rachel Gold, Mercedes Lewis, Jeanne “Barrett” Magill, Jessie Chandler, Erica Abbott, Mary Griggs, Shelley Thrasher, Beth Burnett, MB Panichi, Marie Castle, Heather Blackmore, Alison Solomon, Cass Sellers, Kimberly Cooper Griffin, this year’s special speaker Cindy Rizzo, and the late Sandra Moran. That’s not even close to the whole list.

KK meme I'm a writer. What's your superpower?

The authors telling the story of their stories this year are:

  • Anna Burke, Compass Rose (the Cardinal Points triology) (Bywater)
  • Carolyn Elizabeth, Corey Curtis and Thayer Reynolds romantic thriller series (Bella Books)
  • K. Aten, Arrows of Artemis series, and more (Regal Crest)
  • KC Luck, The Darkness Trilogy, and more, (Self-published)
  • Ona Marae, Gum for Gracie (Flashpoint)

If you don’t know what the Golden Crown Literary Conference is, go have a look at the amazing schedule of events for readers and writers. There is still time to register and there will be day passes at the door.

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