cover Comfort and Joy audiobook unabridged read by author

Comfort and Joy – Audiobook Available!

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Update: The Audible release is finally up, 27 (not 5-14) business days later, so I’m removing the downloadable version from my site as previously stated. Here are the Audible, Amazon, iTunes links!

The best laid plans of releasing this holiday audiobook didn’t include an unexpected 10 15-day delay in the approval and release by Audible. All my fault. I misunderstood that “3-5 days” actually meant, without explanation or apology, “15-20 25+ business days.”

There is a silver lining. I know there are people just like me who really like to have the actual, real, digital files of their digital purchases. So until Comfort and Joy is approved and listed (when for contractual reasons I must remove it from my site), I’m listing my own MP3 version, and at a price below what the big site requires because this is my site and I can do that. A fabulous person created an M4B format file and it’s now available as a choice to you.

If You Want MP3 or M4B Format Grab It Now I’m Sorry This Version is No Longer Available!

Like I said, when the big site version goes live, this one is coming down. It could be 14 days or 4 days, who knows? So if you want this format, don’t delay.

Your download is a good old-fashioned zip file with 12 MP3 tracks in it and the “album” art,* or a single M4B file that works on any device that supports them (iTunes et al).

photo, looking Out from a warm room onto snow

Gather ‘Round the Fire While I Tell You a Tale

I wanted to record Comfort and Joy myself for various practical reasons, but also because I truly enjoy reading my stories aloud. The real luxury of the project was having all the time in the world to read it. By that I mean, unlike a live reading at an event, there was no timekeeper telling me I had 20 seconds to wrap up the last 2 minutes, putting my tempo and pitch into squirrel-on-helium range.

While my performance may not be the high polish of the professional narrators out there, I hope that my personal attachment to the characters comes across in the reading, as if we were gathered in a cozy bookstore, safe and together.

Clocking in at just under 90 minutes, I think it’s a great length for commutes. Or when it’s time to go over the hills and through the woods. I hope it’s a story you’ll look forward to every year.

cover Comfort and Joy audiobook unabridged read by author

Sample from Comfort and Joy

The quiet but close crunch of footsteps behind her made Milla turn around. For a moment, in a flash of sunlight, it seemed as if the white-robed figure was floating over the snowy ground toward her. She blinked the image away and the solid form of a woman emerged, one who was definitely leaving footprints in the snow. The robes were indeed white, but the sturdy, practical wool coat draped over her shoulders and heavy snow boots made her solid and real.

She stopped a few feet from where Milla stood. “I don’t mean to intrude, but are you okay?”

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* They will always be albums to me. Yeah, yeah, I still have a unitasker mp3 player I prefer over all other devices when it comes to listening to audiobooks or music. Don’t judge. It’s got an 18-hour play time and is smaller and lighter than car fobs.
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