Meme Superpower It Gets Better

A Simple Gesture or a Few Words Can Save a Life

Karin Kallmaker LIFE + STYLE

If you’re reading this, you have a superpower that can save a teenager’s life. The power is the example you set. What you do or say when hate is expressed is noticed by the teens all around you — on the job, in church, queuing at the grocery, a school club. Everywhere.

  • Teenagers hear you say, “That’s really mean” about the hateful remark blaring from the TV show playing at MacDonald’s.
  • Kids notice that you smile at the odd-looking kid who bagged your groceries.
  • Young people see your NOH8 sticker on the paper clip holder on your desk.
  • Teens will remember if they overhear you say that you know someone who’s queer, or gay, or bi, or trans.

Visit or Listen to a few stories and you’ll be surprised how often people say it was a simple gesture or a few words that kept them from ending their life. You could be that person and never know it.

It’s National Coming Out Day for those of us in the LGBT Community. You don’t have to be a member of the community to come out. Today, you can come out as someone who believes that in life there should be NOH8.


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