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What’s in a name? Lisa Arrives in Warming Trend

Karin Kallmaker My Lady Lipstick, Warming Trend

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I’m glad to report that my latest manuscript, Warming Trend, is finally on its way to editing. As I blogged earlier, one of the delightful discoveries along the way is Lisa, a secondary character whose personality abruptly walked off the drawing board into three-dimensional splendor.

I named the character Lisa at the request of the winner of a GCLS silent auction item at the Phoenix convention in August. I already had the character planned, and changed her name. I swear…it was the name that did it. Suddenly, she had a personality that wouldn’t quit! I’m not saying that she’s anything like the person’s she’s named for, but I really think there’s something to the name. Additional note 2018: Talk about getting your money’s worth, Lisa arrived in My Lady Lipstick ready to join the fun, and was once again instrumental in pointing out to foolish friends facts right in front of their faces.

Here’s another snippet of Lisa, and her effect on the main character of Eve.

Warming Trend – a Taste of Lisa

by Karin Kallmaker

Writing Lisa has been a great deal of fun. I hope readers find her as mesmerizing as I do! Clearly, she’s a special character. Read more about her in My Lady Lipstick and the follow-up short story in Frosting on the Cake 2 called “Good Morning.”

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