Warming Trend – Discovering a Fun Secondary Character

Karin Kallmaker Warming Trend

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A little light reading for your weekend – an unedited excerpt from my next novel, Warming Trend. It’s always fun when a secondary character develops a voice and starts to have an impact on the story. Lisa was originally slated to be a ship passing in the night.

It begins:

Lisa dropped the journal onto the towel and gave Ani her full attention. “Just because I don’t look like I went to college doesn’t mean I didn’t.”


“It’s okay.” She tossed back her hair and flashed an unapologetic smile. “I try not to use my brain a lot now. I don’t want to use it up. Sooner, rather than later, the skin’s going to get blotchy, and the equipment—” She mimed her curvaceous figure in the air. “The equipment is going to go south. Lesbian sugar mommies are really quite hard to find, so …”

The full excerpt is at the link above. Enjoy!

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