Two Books Get New Looks and eBooks

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I’m really pleased that my publisher, Bella Books, continues to convert and release my older titles to ebook formats. Early next month, two personal favorites (okay, I admit, I have no book of mine that isn’t a personal favorite) will be reprinted and released in ebook versions.

Val reappeared sometime later, covered in some sort of dust. “It’s going great,” she informed Jamie with a big smile.

The woman really did like knocking down a wall more than kneading bread dough. Takes all kinds, Jamie thought.

Making Up for Lost Time is a romantic love affair between two woman, chocolate, home improvement and the Mendocino coastline of California. Loosely (very loosely) inspired by Barbara Stanwyck’s Christmas in Connecticut, I had a lot of fun writing this book and filling it with recipes to represent the two heroines, as well as illustrating their own particular predilections in household chores. Yes, the German Chocolate Cookies are delectable. I promise. Jamie and Val have follow-up short stories in Frosting on the Cake Volume 1 and Volume 2.

book cover substitute for love romance political lesbian

Her head exploded with the unbearably beautiful numbers of chaos, burning behind her eyes. She cried out, heard Reyna cry out too. They were identical but different drums, resonating to the same frequency. She lost control of her body, and let it say what her mouth could not: harder, deeper, take what you want of me, it is what I want, too…

The other book that will be reprinted and released in ebook is Substitute for Love. As intense as Making Up for Lost Time is farcical, it was inspired by the specter of an ambitious father both exploiting and hiding his daughter’s sexuality for his own political agenda. The story presents the puzzle of Reyna and it takes the problem-solving skills of math genius Holly to make sense of it–though the ultimate solution comes from a variable in the equation that neither woman foresees. Reyna and Holly have a follow-up story in Frosting on the Cake Volume 2.

Thank you fans, new and old, whose support keeps them in “print.”