Tease me, please!

Karin Kallmaker Kiss That Counted

Cover, The Kiss that Counted

 A reader posed two delightful questions by e-mail. Just back from the Lammys, answering them was the perfect end to a long day of driving.

I read both of the excerpts you’ve posted from The Kiss that Counted, and now I’m dying of anticipation. What’s your favorite sentence from it?

The vestiges of the bars separating them melted away and she finally understood what naked meant.

I’m dying (see above) and will accept anything more in the way of a teaser, even something that doesn’t make any sense out of context! Pretty please?

Karita was a crazy woman, a beautiful, darling, Madonna-goddess-elf creature, CJ thought, because she said, “Even a llama spits better than that.”

You did ask.

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