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Stipends for Lesbian Fiction Writers – We’ll Never Have to Work Again!

Karin Kallmaker LIFE + STYLE

Sappho, WA, April 1: Today the Innovative Foundation of Out Love announced plans to grant annual stipends of $1 million to lesbian fiction writers starting next year. That means we can all quit our jobs, give away books for free and attend weekly conferences celebrating the craft.

And that’s not all! Through their association with key members of the boards of Lifetime and Logo, they’ve announced the launch of the LifeGo Movie Studio which will turn lesbian fiction novels into blockbuster mainstream hits paying out massive royalties to the original writers for their ideas. Says Executive Producer of the new LifeGo studio, “Nora Roberts, step aside! When movie goers see the magic these women do, there won’t be any comparison!”

The net result of these long overdue actions is that no lesbian fiction writer will ever have to work again. It’s bon-bons and days at the beach from here on out, because, as everyone knows, the books just write themselves.

Those interested in applying for the IFOOL stipend should send me, Karin Kallmaker, their bank account number, pin number and mother’s maiden name.

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