So I Had This Idea, 2016

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 I was going to blog about the new free e-story at my web store (it’s here, go look later) but marketing isn’t nearly as much as fun as talking about books and authors. What has me rubbing my hands together in glee is this year’s installment ofthe “So I Had This Idea” panel at the 2016 Golden Crown Convention in D.C. this summer. (Don’t know what this is? It’s here, go look later.)

The panel was the brain child of author Pol Robinson and every year I’ve been honored to be the moderator. Who wouldn’t love introducing newly published authors to an enthusiastic audience? Pinch me, it’s great. Readers and other writers alike fill the seats every year. Because magic, that’s what publishing a book is. Who doesn’t want to learn the magical spell that someone used to do it?

Most of the panelists over the years have been presentation newbies, and the GCLS conference is a great way to make that first foray into talking about yourself as if you really are a writer (because you are) and talking about your journey to publication in a formal way (because until then, sometimes how it all happened is a blur).

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Past panelists have included Rachel Gold, Jeanne “Barrett” Magill, Jessie Chandler, Erica Abbott, Laurie Salzler, Mary Griggs, Shelley Thrasher, Beth Burnett, MB Panichi, Marie Castle, Jen Silver, Cindy Rizzo, Heather Blackmore, Kris Bryant and the late Sandra Moran. That’s not even the whole list.

I mean, holy playbill Batman! Each of them has made the world a better place with their words.

Not one of them said, “My story is just like hers.” Every single author had a different way to get that idea out of their head and into the world.

This year the panelists will have equally diverse and interesting journeys to share. They are:

Between them these authors are writing romance, mystery, thriller, and exciting hybrid genre stories that defy the usual labels. None of them will tell similar stories about their journey to publication. Because magic. And hard work. And sacrifice. And setbacks. And mowing the lawn. And magic again.

Writing a Book is like Mowing the Lawn Keillor

So I hope you’ll mark your conference planner to attend this Saturday afternoon panel. For readers it’s a look into the minds of five authors who have all done something extraordinary.

For the writers it’s pure inspiration and a reminder – the only wrong way to write your book is not to do it at all.

It’s not too late to register, by the way.