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Karin Kallmaker Book News, Just Like That

Just Like That, Czech edition

Mylesbian retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Just Like That, has already been translated for publication in Spain and Germany, and this month (I believe) it is being released in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The translation was done by LePress in the C.R. and joins Karen Williams’ Love Spell as the inaugural releases to bring more lesbian fiction into the country. The publisher shared that only a half dozen or so lesbian books have ever been published in the Czech language and it’s her hope to add dramatically to that total in a country known for its emphasis on reading.

Even under communism, the C.R. was more liberal than its neighbors toward homosexuality. It’s truly humbling to know that my work, representing the world view of American lesbians in retelling Pride and Prejudice, will reach “behind the iron curtain.”

And Karin Kallmakerova has a certain exotic ring to it!

Follow-up: This radio interview with the publisher is available for reading at

This print summary from a Czech business journal can be read here.

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