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Last year I had fun writing a couple of spoofs (Stipends for Lesbian Writers and Pulitzer Adds Romance to Prize Categories) for the first of April, but this year I’m heavily into writing my next novel and all my creativity is focused there.

So I decided that this year, no fooling around! I’m giving away any book of mine I have in stock to one person who makes a comment here on the blog. Random drawing, void where prohibited, odds depend on how many comment, etc.

What kind of comment? Keep it clean, don’t be mean are the only real rules. You could make up a fake headline that’s an April Fool’s joke, say which book you’d pick if your name is drawn from the hat, or share a recipe–just a few ideas there.

You can comment using your Google or Facebook IDs. The drawing will be done on April 31st.

If you’re a Facebook user and the “like” button over there on the upper left isn’t clicked, I’d appreciate it if you clicked it, no fooling.

So yes, you can comment that April only has 30 days, I was just foolin’ ya and seeing who reads this far. My house elf will draw the winner on April 5. Thanks for being a reader, a fan and a good sport!

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  1. As a relative newcomer to lesbian romance (insert boring coming-out story here), which of your books would you recommend that I start with?

  2. You’re welcome Karin. What I enjoy about your books is the pace and the uniqueness of each character; I don’t get a ‘cut and paste’ feeling that I get from some other writers. In some of your stories, I am transported to places that I have never visited, so it is a bit like a mini-vacation. In other stories, I see a bit of myself when it comes to love of cooking.

    I believe your strength is in being able to tell wonderful fresh unrushed romantic stories. You don’t give us the dessert in chapter 1; you let each novel unfold like a well planned meal.

  3. Mary Beth – thank you for the essay! I am so honored to be part of your story.

  4. My Addictions

    Chocolate and Lesbian Romance novels are my weakness; I used gobble them up without hesitation. I learned to keep my chocolate addition on a leash, by reminding myself,
    “Imagine what you’ll see when you look in the mirror . . . naked!” As demands of adult life grew, my reading for pleasure took a back seat to work, home, school and staying engaged in my relationships.

    A few years back, while in Greenwich Village, my partner and I stopped by my favorite bookstore, Oscar Wilde Bookshop on Christopher Street. Once inside, there was no doubt, something was quite wrong! The shelves were empty, the staff was in tears; the oldest gay bookstore in America was closing its doors.

    I went home and pulled out all of my favorite Lesbian Romance novels that I had enjoyed when I was in my early twenties. ‘Curious Wine’, I read that one first. I reread it three more times . . . the story is so addictive. Though the story was more outdated than before, that novel still made me melt, kind of like . . . warm chocolate. ‘Emergence of Green’, I had in my custody, but for some reason I had never read it; perhaps I wasn’t mature enough at the time.

    I went online and sought out new books by some of the authors I’d read before : Katherine V. Forrest, Diana Shields and Karin Kallmaker. Then I sought out new authors and found these recommendations : Georgia Beers, Blayne Cooper, Radclyffe and a few others whose name escape me.

    The next thing I knew there were twenty Lesbian Romance novels under the bed. I spent that summer and autumn reading most of them, not once, but twice. For Christmas that year, my partner got me a Kindle. Though I remember, quite clearly, telling her that I love the feel of paper on my hands, just months earlier. I have to admit, I’ve only downloaded one ebook to it.

    I met writers Carsen Taite and Radclyffe during Women’s Week in P-Town last October. But the highlight of that visit up north was hearing Ferron sing; I’ve been waiting twenty years for that to happen. During the show she verbally invited the audience to her sixtieth birthday. It is supposed to be this August in Michigan. We’re still waiting for our invitation. ;-} Nevermind, she forgot to take down the audience’s addresses.

    That’s the end of my addiction tale.

    If you’re wondering which books of yours I have read, well here’s the list :
    • ‘Making Up for Lost Time’ (like Jamie, I make a mean apple pie)
    • ‘Touchwood’
    • ‘Watermark’
    • ‘Maybe Next Time’ (my current favorite of yours)
    • ‘Warming Trend’
    • ‘Stepping Stone’

    I ordered ‘Unforgetable’ a few weeks back, since I saw it was a favorite of one of your Facebook friends.

    MBG 4/5/2012

  5. If I win would love any story with a cat in it. And here's a healthy veggie curry recipe. Finely chop 2 onions and then cut a butternut squash and an eggplant into one inch chunks without peeling.

    Fry onions in a teaspoon or two of olive oil.
    Add chopped chilli ground cinnamon chopped ginger and a few fennel seeds
    Add butternut squash and aubergine and stir well
    Cover in hot water and simmer until veggies are soft and water has evaporated.
    Season with salt and black pepper and stir in a handful of raw cashews or walnuts and garnish with fresh coriander cilantro leaves
    Serve with steamed basmati

  6. So I will go with posting an easy recipe.

    Black Bean Mango Salad
    2 cans black beans, rinsed and drained
    1 large mango, chopped
    1 ancho pepper, chopped fine
    1/2 sweet onion (Vidalia or any other mild onion)
    Combine with your favorite store-bought ginger dressing
    Serve over a bed of mixed greens

  7. Carleen – I knew you would! And Zero, thank you for the link. A classic is a classic. I love watching who reposts items with notes of outrage, like the classic Onion “Teen Sues Parents for Making Her Get Out of Bed.”

  8. I thought all house elves were freed when Harry defeated Voldemort. Maybe you have more than one superpower and you're just keeping the scary ones under wraps. I'm already looking forward to November and your next book.

  9. glad to hear you're writing the next one – can't wait! though i did enjoy the stuff you wrote for last year's april fool's…

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