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Cover, The Kiss that Counted

I know. I know, I get it, it’s okay, you don’t have to tell me anymore. Subaru doesn’t make the Escort. Ford makes the Escort. Now, I do wish that my demonstration of How Not to Change a Minor Detail in a book was a clever object lesson for new writers, but alas, it’s simply a mistake.

In The Kiss that Counted, Karita is noted as having both models of car. I originally decided the car was an Escort – the epitome of a workhorse vehicle chosen for its economy and not much else. It would be what Karita could afford; her financial realities include a radio that doesn’t pick up a station when the car is pointed due north and a house that no longer sits plumb to its foundation. Later, I changed my mind and chose a Subaru because you can’t swing the proverbial cat in Colorado without hitting a Subaru-driving lesbian.

I thought I caught the few places where the make of the car was mentioned. Obviously, I missed one. On page 12.

That kind of mistake is the type that haunts a writer, that’s for sure. It’s been a while since I confused the melody of God Bless America and God Bless the Queen, so maybe I was due. I’ll hope it’s another 10 books before I feel the need to muck it up again.

About Hubcaps on Motorcycles

It seems appropriate to mention that there is the matter of hubcaps on motorcycles. I don’t believe that I have ever put hubcaps on a motorcycle. Yet, two readers over time have said that they recall my doing so. Neither, however, could provide a citation so I could see about getting it fixed. So I’ll end this entry with a promise: The first reader who can send me the book and page number of the rumored “hubcaps on a motorcycle” moment in one of my short stories, novellas or books can have the pick of a title from my stock, signed, sealed and delivered. Because I really want to fix it!

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  1. I found it amusing more than anything else, mostly because it made my mind flip. At first I thought she was driving the Subaru because the Escort didn’t have air. I was wondering why she didn’t just trade in both of those cars for a decent one. I read it again and thought, “Oh, wait a minute. Hmm, that’s odd. Oh, I see. It’s a Subaru Escort. Oops.” lol I find a mistake like that less jolting than one character calling out someone else’s name during sex and her lover doesn’t notice. Is that like a Freudian slip by the author or what? *g* I really enjoyed the book. The characters were interesting and I could identify with them, especially CJ. I really appreciate the fact that the characters can have multiple sex partners and without being predatory. That is much more relatable to me. All in all, I think it was an intriguing insight into human behavior. Nicely done, Ms. Kallmaker. Lois

  2. Oh bloody hell, I’ll never get it right! Can I just ask you if I ever think again to refer to it? – Karin

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