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As 2021 comes to an end, having been both and neither better and worse than 2020, I find myself greatly heartened by the little things.

A Short Visit to Paradise

My wife and I are back from spending a week in Hawaii. It didn’t matter that the weather was predicted to be stormy, or that we had to take extra steps to prove our vaccination status, or masks were required in all public indoor spaces. We were going to experience all of that at home, so why not experience it in Hawaii?   

Because…Hawaii. All taken on the Big Island, my favorite island, which is why I set Maybe Next Time there. The Place of Refuge is especially beloved. Like Canyon de Chelley in Arizona, it’s a place where the past seems very close.

Even in Paradise

On our second day there, we went on a farm-to-bar tour of an organic cocoa grower. I saw cocoa pods still on the tree! Did you know that every seed in a cocoa pod is individually pollenated by no-see-ums, a.k.a. cocoa midges?

As I admired the pods walking through ankle deep, raindrop covered grass, the mosquitoes and midges found me. Even after liberal application of two kinds of bug repellent they continued to nibble. I ended up with about 30 bites in all. My wife had zero. I’m not exaggerating when I say the bitey flying bugs pick me out of a crowd every time.

Today is the first day since then (10 days later) that I haven’t needed to quell the burning desire to scratch the bites with sticky anti-itch cream and extra doses of antihistamine that have left me feeling a beat behind the tempo of reality.

And for that I am filled with joy.


For Milla in Comfort and Joy, she is euphoric over an unrationed hot shower, and a thoughtful, gentle, and congenial conversation with a woman she’s just met. These small comforts lead to a surprising and wholly unexpected joy.

This week, leading up to the anniversary of Milla’s first encounter with Tyna in a cemetery on Christmas Eve, I’m giving away six downloads of the ebook and audio recording bundle. Just because I think the story is all about the simple comforts and resonant joy that comes from kindness, gratitude, and having a heart open to possibilities.

cover Comfort and Joy bundle

Entering is easy.

Share some comfort and joy with others by commenting here. What gives you comfort these days? Where do you find joy?

Thanks for visiting and sharing some holiday bliss. It’s a time of year when I count my blessings, and all of you are among them.

A note about the mechanics – three winners each on Wednesday and Thursday morning will be randomly chosen from the comments on this blog and email entries (email address is available in my latest newsletter) in their entirety. That means a person who comments on Tuesday but doesn’t win will have a chance to win again on Wednesday. So earlier is better, but it won’t be too late until 12:01am Pacific time on Thursday the 23rd. Sometimes comments are automatically held for moderation for a few hours, so don’t worry if it doesn’t appear immediately.

Copyrighted material. Photographs by Karin Kallmaker.
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