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tan and orange banner, Writing with ColorThe Writing with Color blog is an empowering resource to writers who want to include characters that represent the real world. While not claiming to be a bible of what’s offensive, this organized Tumblr blog highlights tropes and stereotypes. It also provides vocabulary and examples of confident usage to move beyond brown, olive, and mocha. A real confidence builder for this timid white writer.

From the site:

A blog dedicated to writing and resources centered on racial & ethnic diversity. We share writing advice, guides, book recs. and more.

Though not all issues are shared between different marginalized people, I have found it useful to substitute out black or gay with words like disabled, Latino, deaf and young people. It puts my focus on the language I’m choosing. A few simple words can change a scene from presumed all generic white able people to one that looks more like the world we live in.

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