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Readers will find The Lesbian Review a happy place. It’s chock full of Top Ten Lists and theme-categorized reviews of books their team of reviewers enjoyed. Plus a direct to mailbox newsletter with the latest posts and handy buy links. The newsletters make a great source for making up Wish Lists.

Most of all, the site focuses heavily on splashing the word about lesbian, bi-women, women-loving-women f/f books. This is a good thing. The site admins provide great tools that make it easy to share and publicize the review.

TLR reviews are explicit about what those reviewers consider a “good read.” They don’t shy away from talking about craft flaws they may find in books they like. This is also a good thing.

The Lesbian Review has spawned a podcast talk show and a book club. If you rely on their reviews, a click to purchase a book through their links will help pay a few of the bills of running the site.

From TLR’s site:

The Lesbian Review is the home of reviews done by women who absolutely LOVE lesbian fiction and who are not just going to read and enjoy every lesbian novel out there. We read a lot and are a tough crowd to please. But that is great news for you because it means we only showcase lesbian fiction books that are really good. If we don’t like it, we don’t review it.

Note: The Lesbian Review is not related to the The Lesbian Review of Books (1994-2002).

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