A well-written story that I really liked and can easily recommend.

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“There is quite a bit going on, on several levels and I love how skillfully the author pulls the various threads together in unexpected ways, to tell a smart, engaging, often funny and highly readable story.” – TammyD

“Kallmaker’s books are always top class, and this one is no exception. Smart, compassionate, witty – and, obviously, ridiculously romantic. I particularly loved Paris, and her way of describing the world like an RPG.” – Reader from London

“…A well-written story that I really liked and can easily recommend. If you have never read any of Karin Kallmaker’s books (she has written nearly thirty novels; what are you waiting for!?), this one can be a good start.” – Pin

“There was no rushing to say ‘I Love you’. I actually really appreciate that as it seems to happen too often lately in lesfic romances. The romance instead felt like it progressed really organically… I enjoyed this read and I hope others do as much as I did.” – Lex

My Lady Lipstick is and does exactly what a rom-com should be and do. It is well written, comes with minimal drama, and provides easy smiles.” – vacatedboat

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